Manuel Behrendt

Ph.D. candidate in astrophysics

Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics, Garching

mabe (at)


Welcome to my personal webpage. I am a PhD student in theoretical astrophysics 

under the supervision of Andi Burkert and Marc Schartmann (CAST-Group). 


We are investigating the structure formation and evolution of the galactic discs in the young universe and perform simulations (RAMSES) in an isolated box within the framework of gravitational instability. This is a complementary approach to cosmological simulations, since we reach a maximum resolution on ~pc scale and can reduce undefined free parameters.

Clumpy Disk Galaxy Simulation

Volume Rendering Of The Gas Content

Related research questions:

- Is there a possible sub-structure (clump clusters) behind the observed ~kpc scale clumps and how do they evolve?

- How do numerical techniques influence the structure formation?

- Are the observed giant clumps the sites for the formation of the old globular clusters and super massive black holes that are found today in galaxies as relics of an earlier time of violent star formation? 

- How does massive gas accretion influence these young galactic discs from the surrounding cosmic web which serves as a reservoir of gas? 

- Into which present-day galaxy type do these discs evolve? 

- What are the energetic sources driving the high turbulence?


We are also interested in developing numerical techniques to simulate the structure formation with better precision and to process the simulation data more efficiently.